Tuesday, June 23, 2015

You Used Your Breast Milk For WHAT??

Breast milk is an incredible liquid! Not only does it contain 300 MORE* ingredients than formula, it can be used for more than baby nutrition. Pumping and dumping, be gone! Start saving that precious pumped liquid in those breast milk storage bottles for the incredible uses below.
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Cradle Cap

Instead of oil, gently massage some breast milk onto their scalp 2-3 times a day. Wash off at night during bath time, and you’re set! Cradle cap doesn’t occur with every baby, but both of my littles had it.

Eye Infections

Now, I KNOW you’ve heard of this one right? Pink eye or a blocked tear duct is easily fixed with a quick squirt of boob juice. Strange, I know! But it definitely works, and is a far better choice than weird chemicals you can’t pronounce the names of.

Diaper Rash

Who knew?! Certainly not I! Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on tubes of diaper rash cream, pat some breast milk down there, and allow to dry before snapping on that diaper. Did I say snapping? Sorry, force of habit with cloth diapers! Incidentally, breast milk is a WAY BETTER choice for diaper rashes for fluffy bottom babies too! Skip the expensive organic creams (if you HAVE to, I'd suggest the Magic Stick), and use something that is the most organic ingredient you can find. Take a look at this recent study that found breast milk to be as effective as hydrocortisone cream. Side note: breast milk for treatment of yeast rashes is not suggested, as moisturizing agents will only worsen the problem. 


Whether from Eczema, bug bites, or even the chicken pox, rubbing breast milk on as a moisturizer will help reduce that stinging urge to scratch.

Minor Abrasions

The natural pain-relieving nutrients in breast milk don’t just work on babies through the digestive tract. Brush or pat on minor scrapes or cuts to help with the healing process and reduce pain.

Common Cold

Save breast milk in baby syringes or small doses to give kiddos when they are fighting a cold. The incredible antibodies in our fabulous milk will help their immune system kick that virus to the curb.


There are many mothers that can’t produce this liquid gold for their own babies. Consider donating your milk to others so that their kiddos can reap the benefits of an amazing nutritional start in life. I’ve known people who have been on both the giving and receiving ends of donated milk, and both are incredibly grateful for the opportunity!

Do you have any new and different uses for breast milk? Comment below, I’d love to hear about them!

*Source: drmomma.org

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