Tuesday, June 23, 2015

National Breastfeeding Week - 20% off!

I'll pretty much use any fun reason for a discount, so here is a coupon code just for you!

20% off the breastfeeding goodness at my Etsy shop! 

This nursing cozy seriously saved my breastfeeding adventure, and I hope will help others as well! You can use this awesome pack hot or cold to soothe sore breasts. I used them to increase milk production as well! The heat right before a feeding or pumping sessions really let that milk come down easily. With flannel fabric and flax seed filler, this heat/cold pack is the most comfortable things those boobies will feel all day. 

Just about everyone I know has received them as baby shower gifts, and loved them! Grab a pair for yourself, or send one as a shower gift.  I love the flower petal octagon design, and all the beautiful fabrics I get to work with! Want a special themed fabric? Shoot me a comment here or a message on Etsy - I aim to please! 

Enter coupon code "BreastWeek15" at checkout to apply the discount. 

Use it here: thebrowntable.etsy.com.

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