Monday, January 27, 2014

Movie Day

I needed a little pick me up today, and so, of course, I pulled out one of my favorite movies. You've Got Mail.

Typing, books, conversation and coffee - what could be better? As I watched, I dreamed of the day I finally have money and can open up my own children's bookstore. I thought about the shelves and shelves of crisp beautiful books, the storybook corner with my special storytime hat, the beautiful, unique and wide-eyed children that would come into my store, and the parents seeking out "the book" that would finally get their kids interested in reading.

But - as I finished my cup of decaf coffee (the baby is apparently going to let me keep down decaf haha) and started my daily chores, I realized that this dream of mine will never come to fruition. Oh sure, someday I will have money. But the society we live in today isn't the kind that will favor a small children's bookstore. Even if I moved to a city like New York, the idea of a community supporting a children's bookstore over the Barnes & Noble chains is all a bit silly. No, the only way I'll even have a chance at selling children's books is if I get myself an account, with discounts and free shipping.

Just as in the movie, it looks like I will be daring to dream I could have a different life. I'm sure it will include books somehow - how could I live without them? :) This year has already been full of life changes, and now a dream change must take effect.

And so, as I figure out my new dream I find myself wishing somebody would send me a bouquet of sharpened pencils...

Much love dear friends,

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