Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ricky's First Day of Preschool

So exciting! Ricky started preschool at the beginning of August, and I'm so excited! It's a 3 hour program, but he attends every day of the week. So far, he absolutely loves it. I, of course, took way too many pictures of him. By the time we got to school he was like "Come on Mom enough with the stupid camera". But here are just a few :D

 He thinks that showing muscles means stretching your arms as high as you can with fists. Silly boy. He'll learn soon enough, I fear, and then what will I do? My kid will be able to take me!

This wouldn't be a post about Ricky if there wasn't some kind of ridiculous face or quirky move that he decided was awesome. But he is pretty awesome so....

Welp, that's Ricky's First Day! More to come... :)

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