Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gone Fishing!

So, my little man has a fishing pole. One of those kid kinds that actually has fishing line and a reel attached. He's had this fishing pole for about a year and, up until now, he's had a plastic frog attached to the end. He would cast the line and then reel the frog in. Well that seemed a little boring to me so I decided to make some fishes for him to catch! 

After some research, I decided fabric was the way to go! (Plus I have so much fabric that I never know what to do with) They turned out to be about 7 by 3 1/2 inches. I used a pattern that I made cut out from cereal box cardboard, haha! But if you happen to have a printer, this pattern is the way to go since it has options for you advanced crafters. I used one layer of batting inside just to give it some definition, but you can stuff it and have a puffier fish too if you like!

Magnets seemed to be the way to go as far as finding a way to "catch" the fish, and I got some pretty strong craft magnets at Joann's. After putting the fabric, batting and magnets together, I stitched the fishes around the edges and called it good. Then, I stitched one magnet inside a circle fabric pocket, attaching it to the fishing pole's paper clip "hook! 

Ricky and Ricardo had a blast fishing on the stairs. Playtime success!!

Apparently as a bonus, they stick to the corners of walls!! :) 

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