Saturday, August 10, 2013

Flowers for Gramma

My mom was feeling a little sad about not seeing Ricky as much, so little man and I decided to make Gramma something special for her house.

I found this website with FANTASTIC directions for simple crafty flowers; check it out here.

Ricky was STOKED to be able to soak stuff in paint, so of course, this craft was a hit. 

We squished all the coffee filters into a cup of paint/water mixture, and then we hung them out to dry! I was really surprised at how quickly they dried. 

Once they get nice and crinkly, you can cut out the edges or leave them rounded. We cut ours since little man loves any excuse to use scissors. 

Never willing to give up his scissors...I had him cut up a brown paper bag into shreds to use in the bottom of our "vase". 

Twist the center of one coffee filter and start twisting. I also had white coffee filters to layer the colors of the flower. Twist each new layer around the previous one. I did 4 or 5 per flower. 


And then of course there's "dirt"


Ricky loves glitter too, so of course he had to glitter the tag saying
"Love Ricky". I think this is the perfect random gift for gramdma's or even moms :) Pretty flowers that never die. 

Here Gramma! Ricky loves to give things to family and friends.

These two are SERIOUS sillies! I love them both as they laugh about having to smile for a picture.

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