Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Romantics: A Review

Just by looking at the cover, some of you may be rolling your eyes at me. "Heather, why are you watching this movie?", you may ask. The answer: because my guilty pleasures include seductive movies. Not porn-like sex movies, but "Romantic", if you will. This movie, however, did not fall into my "enjoyable" category. The Premise was quite enticing! "The Romantics" begins with nothing, goes nowhere, and ends the same way--nowhere!
The movie is very slow, which normally I don't mind, but in a very non-informative way. I learned practically nothing about the characters, and was left to discover them by the very long looks they give each other or the air. There are a few scenes where characters give a story or something of the past, but rarely does it relate to the three main characters. Anna Paquin either does a very terrible job of acting, or was given the worst script known to man. Her character has no depth! It becomes obvious that she must remain how she is, or her life will fall apart, but to what extent? For what reasons must she remain this way? What does her fiancee, who, by the way, is one of the cutest men on the planet, think or love about her? The script given to our dear fiancee is also terrible. This guy is hot! But the movie makes him seem like some bumbling idiot. His good looks seem so annoying to me during the course of this film. They make him almost more idiotic.
During all this character interaction, we learn that all them want to sleep with the person they're NOT in a relationship with, but don't have guts to actually leave the one they're with to be with them. Maybe it's not "guts" so much as desire. They're desire is not actually for ANY of them, so they flit around each other wanting, but not wanting them. I'm extremely surprised none of the girls ended up sleeping together, to be honest. The maid of honor, played by Katie Holmes, is just a TAD less shallow than the rest. She actually gives her feelings in words; talks about why she wants the fiancee, and why she is nice to the Bride despite the fact that the bride stole her boyfriend, apparently. Had the other characters been given the same depth as this character, the movie might have been at least decent.
In the end, a rainstorm interrupts the wedding, and left standing are the Maid of Honor and the Groom. She smiles at him, and he yells at the sky. Then...nothing. The screen goes black and credits begin rolling. This movie accomplished nothing! It aired out a few differences, but did nothing about them. It didn't explore any relationships, but merely exploited the love of the Groom and Maid of Honor, only to stop there!
Now, if you would like the "Christian Review" type response to this movie: This movie includes nudity, sexual relations, and drug references. While it does seem to show a portion of the sanctity of marriage, it does not conclude that marriage is a holy covenant between a man and a wife devoid of infidelity. It does not conclude anything at all. This movie is a waste of your time.
The End.

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Phoenix said...

Yikes! I think I'll avoid this one! I hadn't even heard about it until you posted about it (and now I'm thinking for good reason) and I'll make sure to avoid getting it on Netflix :)

In other news, I hope you've been doing well and that life is good right now for you :)