Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Wow has this been one heck of a holiday break! My third week of break from work is coming to a close and I'm glad. It's been CRAZY busy, and I've been more sick than ever in my life. The cold hit us twice, the flu hit ALL THREE OF US. And I NEVER get the flu. We want t-shirts. "I survived the swine flu". lol. Had to have been the swine flu...we're convinced. I got it while camping. Joy of joys was that fun. Seeing the other two babies was good tho. All three cousins got to hang out. :) Well, as well as babies can hang. haha. But I'll be glad to get back to work watching little kiddies. My friend, Ashley, just had her new one! He is the cutest. Well I've only seen pictures but still. So big! I can't wait to meet him. I am definitely looking forward to life falling back into place and flowing along slowly but surely.

I just started classes. (Yes, AGAIN) This time to FINISH! I am at CBU for my last 12 courses for my Bachelor's in Liberal Arts/English. So excited. Right now I'm taking Multicultural Literature, then Film as Art. They should both be interesting.

In other news, I bought 30 books today. However, I only spent $7.50 on them. :) I like cheap books. Well.....I like yay.
Pretty much that's it for now. Nothing supremely exciting. lol. Time for bed....I have been Zonked out tired since 9. It's now 1115.

Good night blog world, I promise to visit more often....


Dionne said...

30 books??!!!! $7.50? Where do you shop?

Heather said...

At a used book store called "Hook's Books". :) So awesome!