Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wow it's been awhile since i've been on here. Life has taken so many twists and turns and I need to get it all out! Not in this post. This is more a mental note to start using this blog for what I intended! An update for my closest friends and sanity for myself. :) I feel like a crazy person of late. Small update. My brother ran away and then came back. (he's 23 so....ya it was weird). We have an exchange student staying with us. Her name is Shel and she's great. Having many problems with the agency though and now she has to be moved because her parents didn't want to pay tuition. We hosted her to help out the school attached to our church. I won't host a public school student. I don't trust the public school kids here and refuse to wonder and worry every day whether she is ok or being harrassed or raped or beat up or...ya. So the State dept. has gotten involved and it's just become a huge mess. None of the agents knows how to communicate or find out information lol. It's insane. I now work at the christian school as a proctor. (Glorified playground watcher haha) It's good, but I sure do miss little man for those 4 hours a day. :( We're hoping to buy a house soon! If we can pay off Ricardo's credit cards we can be approved for a loan. So excited! Sad I have to be stuck in the desert still...but glad for a place of my own. And an asset. Something that's actually OURS. ha.
Anyway...that's all for this quick update. I feel so stressed it's ridiculous. Oh. And I found out when I went to the ER last week....I have an ulcer. Yay. Dunno how to fix that one....

:) Do you guys have any spectacular Emergency Room stories? How many times have you been admitted to one? I think I've been there three times. Twice for little man stuff and once for the ulcer.

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Dionne said...

Wow, you've been busy!

No Emergency Room stories from me. But my friend has been twice, and only because she hates the flu. She goes to the ER when she vomits, she's insane.