Saturday, July 11, 2009

School and Baby

My Little man has learned how to inch his way across the couch in his sleep lol. I love him so much.
I have been trying ALL NITE to get my homework done on time, and can I? No. Little man is being fussy and instead of my husbo steppin' in, what is he doing? Playing that damned game of his. I HATE HATE HATE that game. I'm not sure why. It just really bothers me. I think it's the fact that A) it's so addictive for him and B) he hears NOTHING when he's playing. So finally I asked if he would help out so I could get this class stuff done and he says yes. So he holds Ricky, right? And Ricky is now crying IN HIS ARMS as he plays his computer game. RAWR. It's so distracting to have him fussing across the room from me and Ricardo is doing nothing about it. I got half of my homework done and am giving up. NOW little ricky is calm and almost asleep. I guarantee you when I try to go to sleep he will wake up and be mean. lol.
I really like this class and hate rushing through it. It's a fast class already so I'm hoping I can catch up and get as many points as possible. My mom is going to come over this week and watch Ricky so I can get some hw done. I. am. so. glad. Because she knows the value of this class, and also the issue of distraction. I can concentrate much better than her in noise, and i'm having trouble so...ick.
On a good note, I have a text only cell phone yayyyyyyyyyy. It's 20 bucks a month so dunno if I'll get to do it long...depends on if we can manage all our bills correctly. I've made a menu and grocery list so the food is now under control--we aren't eating out NEARLY as much. I was able to pay off another credit card bill of mine b/c they offered me a settlement and that was the amount of money I had JUST set aside to pay whatever bill next came in the mail. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO stoked. Five more bills to go. Dunno their balances...not sure I want to find out lol. But I'm very excited that one is done. So ya...I'm hoping to get to keep my cell phone and connection to the world! lol.
Signing off for tonight...more interesting posts ahead...I promise. :D

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Dionne said...

How cute is little Ricky all snuggled up on the couch, hehehe. And poo to Ricardo for playing video games without clothes on with a crying babikins in his lap, hahaha.

That's awesome that your mum is coming over to watch the bubs while you study. What a fab mum!