Wednesday, May 13, 2009


On facebook some girls have been filling out "for the married's" surveys. They're all about how/when/where they got married. I'm not filling mine out, because I didn't have an actual wedding. It was a mass wedding in vegas at the stratosphere. In the past I've been really bummed about how all my friends are getting married but they actually have know....the kind people ATTEND. But then I think about it...and I'm not like that. I don't like so much fluff and money spent on one day.

Monday is the day I truly understood how much I really COULDN'T have done a wedding. I'm not a good "planner/organizer" of things. Last minute plans--I'm the queeen of pulling them together. But not events. This baby shower nonsense is soooo incredibly hard for me lol. Sad! My mom and I went to a couple of stores on monday to finish up some things. I.E. : Registry, specific paper for name tags and one of the games, and....that's it lol. Oh and stuff for the cake or cookies. The shower is themed so it took awhile to try and find things that went well without overdoing it. Anyway...I dunno if it's just b/c I'm 8 months preggo or what but I WAS SO DONE halfway through. I think the physically tired part of me was the preggo-ness. But let me tell you...there's no way in hell I could have planned a wedding. NO WAY. I would've gone psycho! I would have to be one of those bride's that make something up and I'll tell you if I like it. But even then...ya I just am so glad Ric was happy to have a simple wedding thing that wasn't a big deal. I miss the pictures part, the cute dress part, and the friends/family being there....but I have my whole life to take pictures and spend time with friends and family.

I have to paint my kid's dresser today. After I dust..and put clothes away. I'm so tired today. I think the baby's gonna come early. I need new things to blog about. :P Maybe I'll fill out that survey and post it here. It'll be silly...half the questions will be blank lol.


Dionne said...

Awwwww... I LOVE to plan events. If I was still out in Cali I would have loved to have planned it with you.

Well you can always have a wedding for your vow renewal someday. And I will help with that too! It's what I do best!

Heather said...

Yayyyyy yes you will be the one who plans it lol I'd already decided that whether you liked it or not! ha! :D