Saturday, May 16, 2009

Heat or Pregnancy?

I AM SO TIRED!!!!!! Rawr. It's very frustrating to be so tired when I have things to do. I just feel icky and heavy and tired. Bla. Baby shower time is a week away. My mom is freaking out about party favors. There's only 6 "yesses" so unless 20 people call this week she doesn't need to worry too much. I want to help her out but I keep getting the feeling she doesn't want me to. Maybe she was just tired when I talked to her. Ah well. Maybe I just need to eat something healthy.

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Dionne said...

Maybe your mum just wants to do this for you on her own, to show she loves you and your little tummy-inhabitant. I totally know how frustrating it is waiting for RSVP when you have favors and food to account for. ArrrhhhgghhH!!