Friday, May 22, 2009

I want my life back!!!!!!!!

RAWR!!!!! I am so sick of not having my car or a cell phone!!!!!!!!!!!! It was ok for awhile because I don't really go places without Ricardo anyway. But I'm realizing that I am not as dependent as I thought I was and I want some independence back! Is this wrong?

The reason for this rant is a walk to the drug store two streets away. They didn't have what I needed. Ricardo went to watch a movie with Darrel which is mucho cool he never hangs out with his friends. But he has my car and the ONE cell phone we share. We only have the cell because Ric's stepdad was tired of not being able to get ahold of him (I think Ric must be Brison's unofficial best friend lol) so he did that 10 dollar add to his plan thing you can do with Verizon. So for ten bucks we share minutes with his parents. Which is totally great because we don't normally call non-verizon peeps so hardly any minutes will be used from their plan. I'm just really frustrated because now that I'm preggo apparently I freak out about being a girl by myself in this neighborhood. This random dude walking the same direction as me started trying to talk to me, i.e. asking how tall I am when I am due how old I am bla bla bla. I'm sick of guys trying to chat me up! I'm pregnant people!!!!!!!! On the other hand...maybe he was just being nice...he seemed like a decent guy and didn't press or get close. The society we live in suddenly makes us edgy when people are nice. Can't people just be nice in a small town? My answer today...NO. Becuase I was all alone with no cell phone so if something happened I'm screwed. I'm not as strong as I used to be. In addition to this, I'm pregnant, making everything ten times scarier. So now I get home expecting that Ricardo shall arrive shortly...but there is a message on the house phone. He is going to Nick's Pizza with Darrel since their movie is out and they're hungry. TOTALLY FINE! I love that they get to hang out for once. Ricardo NEVER does anything with friends since he started dating me so I am very grateful he is able to hang out with someone whose company he enjoys. BUT this made me sink into a puddle of tears. Why, you ask? Because I'm hormonal! lol. I want my car so I can go to the store so that the cake I am TRYING TO FINISH can be ready for Ricardo. Bla

I haven't been so hot at the "stay-at-home" wife thing lately. The house isn't always spotless, dinner isn't on the table at dinner time, nor do I ever make lunch. We fend for ourselves or I ask him what he wants to eat THEN make it. It's terrible. I need so badly to change. Now that my house is MUCH more organized that normal I am feeling more House-wifey so hopefully I can continue to MAKE MY HUSBAND FOOD LIKE A NORMAL WIFE DOES!
*sighs* ok. I'm done venting. Thank goodness for blogs. Hope you all got a laugh at my ridiculousness. :D

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Dionne said...

Ack! I hear ya - no phone, no car, ACK!

Even though I am not preggers, I am a stay-at-home wife. Brian brings home the bacon, and I cook it, so to speak. But just in the last few months I have been making moolah with my online store, so that's been great. But I get a little stir-crazy working from home at times, and if I didn't have my car to go zip out for lunch with a friend, I would go nuts! I hear ya!