Sunday, May 24, 2009


I cannot believe how blessed Ricardo and I are. Our family and friends have been so great and helpful with this baby! Yesterday's baby shower went really well. Everybody loved it, and I have so many great things!!! My family has been amazing. Ricardo and I haven't really had to buy ANYTHING for the baby room. Oh...except the dresser. But that's because we found a little kid dresser at a garage sale for 5 bucks ha! We painted it and got new handles for it it's SOOOOO cute. The handles look like twigs! I just have to figure out now how to paint bees on it so that it matches my classic pooh theme. My mom already had gotten us a WAY AWESOME stroller/carseat combo thing. It's tall so I don't have to scrunch down to push it yay! Ric's parents got us a crib which matched the changing table I had already gotten from Becky. And now yesterday my Gram gave us a High Chair (a VERY nice one which shall last forever I'm sure) and I got lots of way cool clothes and things from everyone else. I can't believe when I look in there that we are just about prepared for this little one. Materially anyway. Not so sure about psychologically. I was looking at the bassinet(which becky ALSO gave us....I love hand-me-downs!) and I realized that in three short weeks I will be putting MY KID in there! AHHHHH!!!!! It's a tad frightening.

More good news...Ricardo found a second job. SO COMFORTING that I won't have to rush to go back to work because now we can be paying ALL the bills we have! Yay! And his hours there are so awesome. He gets to sleep in AND be home by dinner. The job is pretty lax too so he won't be run down working two jobs. I'm so blessed to have a husband who doesn't mind working! It's nice to feel safe, and know that my husband is going to take care of me no matter what happens.
It's nice to know that prayers DO get answered. Everytime I start to freak out again about all this stuff that's happening (or not happening) I've been trying to just stop and pray. Last nite I did, and it was so refreshing. God reminded me how good we really do have it, and that I just need to be a good steward of what he's blessing us with.

Now if I could find a way to magically feel more energized. It's so unnerving feeling exhausted for NO REASON!

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Dionne said...

Awwww, Heather I am so happy for you! I am stoked that you and Ricardo and your little bublet-to-come are so blessed! Hooray!