Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Breastfeeding Must-Haves

Welcome to my first Top Ten Tuesday post! I'm so excited you're here. Today's post is, of course, on the topic of breastfeeding. (What else would it be, right?) I hope to cover many different categories in the future though, and would love your input on each list! Read through till the bottom to find out what my next list will be, and how you can help me out with it.

This list is not just a quick run-through of affiliate links I like best - although take note that affiliate links are used. (They help fund this blog so I can keep researching awesomeness for you!) It's a list of items that I seriously needed and use(d) constantly throughout A's breastfeeding adventure. But, first of all...don't forget the camera! Take it like....EVERYWHERE. I can't believe how many cute things I caught that, looking back now, I totally wouldn't have remembered! Without further ado...here we go!

  1. Travel Cup - Water is SUCH a necessity while breastfeeding, and yet, so hard to seem to get! Don't get those expensive glass ones, either. If you're anything like me - they get dropped...and broken. I went through several options before settling on this Copco tumbler. It is easy to fill, easy to sip from when babies are attached to you, and almost spill-proof. Unless you leave it tipped over for a long period of time, that water stays where it belongs! Recently, though, I've been using my Starbucks 24 oz tumbler. Drink that water mamas!
  2. Glider Chair - I know...they're expensive. But OH SO WORTH IT!! I didn't have one with my first kiddo, and having one this time around sure is a luxury. :) Once I'm in that specific chair, I'm automatically relaxed and can focus on my beautiful babe - which, of course, helps with that let-down action!
  3. Boppy - I really could NOT live without this Boppy Nursing Pillow. During the early weeks and months, this pillow elevates that cutie baby, freeing up at least one, if not both, hands while feeding. Bonus: you can use it to hold them slightly up when they're learning how to sit! Don't forget the Organic Slipcover, which makes cleaning spit-up (cuz it happens!) a breeze.
  4. Breast Pump - Because of the issues I had with Little A, a breast pump was imperative to breastfeeding him; but, I would suggest a breast pump to anyone! It's very nice to have when you want a night out - just pump and freeze milk once in awhile to have on hand! It's also a great way to help mothers who can't breastfeed. Donate that liquid gold! The Medela Pump In Style Advanced Backpack is what I have, and I absolutely love it. You can plug it in or use it with batteries.
  5. Protein Smoothie - You just can't skip breakfast! Especially when morning hours start at 4 am. (Am I right, breastfeeding mamas?!) I am in love with the Vega One Nutritional Powder Mix. I add coffee powder to it as well - frappuccino the healthy way!
  6. Necklace - This is great for keeping baby hands busy while nursing. Instead of pulling on your hair, nose, tongue, etc., this colorful necklace keeps them entertained. Save the hair! No more scratches on the face for this mama. :)

  7. Nipple Shield - I know...a Nipple Shield sounds like the OPPOSITE of helpful for a breastfeeding mom, right? On the contrary, Nipple Shields are great for mamas with small or flat nipples, or whose littles just can't seem to get a good latch going. My friend, also a lactation educator, gave me one, and it was definitely helpful!
  8. Breast Compress - Now we come to my FAVORITE breastfeeding must have! The breast compress. This is a serious need for breastfeeding mamas. Clogged ducts EASILY turn into mastitis, and to avoid that, you need clear ducts! Whenever your supply increases, it's an opportunity for clogged ducts, and keeping them warm can help avoid that. I used them constantly before feedings and pumpings, and also just when the boobies were sore! There are plain ones , and cute ones - obviously I vote for the cute ones. ;) Check them out here.
    Nursing Cozy

  9. Lanolin Cream - No matter how easily breastfeeding is or is not, nipple soothing cream is always a need. They get cracked! They haven't been used this way before! (or, at least, not since the last kid) So, they need a little love. There are regular and organic brands available, and they all work differently for people. Pick the one you want and slather that goodness on. 
  10. Secret Food Bars - Seriously...you need to have secret stashes of food laying around. Hid one under your pillow, in the nursing chair, by the couch, etc. You will literally have no time for prepping that amazingly healthy salad, so stock up on quick eats like this bar to keep yourself fed and healthy! There are Lactation Boobie Bars and the ever-delicious Coconut Chocolate Chip Cliff Bar
How was that list for ya?? What's on YOUR top ten breastfeeding must-haves list? 

For next week... tell me in the comments below what your Diaper Bag Essentials are. What are those items that you absolutely have to have in your bag for quick trips to the grocery store or long drives to Gramma's house. 

Thanks for stopping by! Leave a comment and then stop by next tuesday to see what the Top Ten Tuesday: Diaper Bag Essentials post has for you. 

- Milk Mama Heather 

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