Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Help Me Fund Milk Momology!

My Kiva Zip Flyer

Fund me here: https://zip.kiva.org/loans/15525

Personal Story
I grew up as a military brat, moving all over the world and making friends wherever I went. Adulthood is no different! I've learned how to "make do" with what I have no matter the country, product availability, language barrier, or location from the nearest store. Now, as a mother of two boys, I've found many areas that required just that skill set. My personal pregnancy and breastfeeding experiences required products that simply weren't on the market - namely, a heat compress that would adequately provide the right amount of heat around the entire breast. This compress worked amazingly well not just for clearing clogged ducts and preventing mastitis, but also paved the way for smoother and more productive pumping sessions! While sharing with other mothers of my creation, I was told again and again how wonderful that idea was. Many older mothers told me they would have benefited greatly from a breast compress like mine. I started making a few with fabric I had on hand, and found people that wanted to purchase! I hope to become the go-to business for breastfeeding mothers who need a product that not only works, but is created with the local and organic materials my ideal customer wants! In order to do that, I need financing to pay for bulk materials, as well as vendor spots at local events to give potential customers the hands-on experience they need to make them confirmed customers.

Fund me here: https://zip.kiva.org/loans/15525

Business Description
Milk Momology is about supplying breastfeeding mothers with the products, resources, and information they are desperately seeking. My website gives my audience information on breastfeeding challenges and successes both from personal experience and professional research. Alongside that information, my shop provides mothers with a stellar product using local and organic resources to aid them in their own breastfeeding journey. Clogged ducts, mastitis, and low milk supply are just a few of the issues my product can help. Mothers who pump exclusively can also benefit from the soothing lavender and heat that my Nursing Cozys provide. Loosening the mammary ducts takes heat, which can be difficult to apply with heating pads or regular rice packs. I use flax seed and lavender buds in my octogonal-shaped packs to ensure heat is evenly distributed throughout the breast.
My customers are those individuals who breastfeed! Whether they deal with clogged ducts or not, breastfeeding is a painful process. The packs can be heated or cooled to help all kinds of breast pain. My goal is to become a go-to business for breast compresses.
I am proud of my unique compress design. The octagon shape is divided up into 8 triangles, making the distribution even, and providing a beautiful design in the process. Currently, my biggest challenge is reaching my customers. Hands-on contact has been my most profitable connection with customers, but I need financing to continue to make that happen.

Fund me here: https://zip.kiva.org/loans/15525
What is the purpose of this loan?
Advertising is becoming more costly than I can supply, but has been an incredible aid in gaining attention for the product. Additionally, my products would do well in local events (Bloom Fest, Kids Day, other events that are targeted at mothers, pregnancy, and childhood), and I would utilize this loan to purchase vendor space. With this loan, I would be able to spread my business to local customers, and complete my goal of helping my community (and hopefully further communities) in the support and help of breastfeeding. With the financing provided by this loan, I will be able to increase my profits by 200% at the very least. Visibility is key with this type of product, and the limited visibility I have gained on my own has proved profitable.

Fund me here: https://zip.kiva.org/loans/15525

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