Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Or rather...superGIRL. Perhaps we'll stick to superhero. My friend Krystle has been my superhero of late! She is always rescuing me from mini-crises, the first of which was a desperate need for doughnuts! Yes indeed, doughnuts. It was National Doughnut Day, and since Ricardo was at work (we only have one car), I could not participate in the fun. Krystle my superhero brought me delicious circles of richly baked dough all the way from Victorville. :D I told her I'd make a superhero cape to commemorate my appreciation. Sadly, Doughnut Day was in June!! It took me 5 months to get around to making this cape.

I found this fabric at Wal-Mart and immediately knew that THIS was Krystle fabric :)

I found a really easy superman cape youtube video and used it to make this cape.

I sewed two squares of the fabric together (3 yards folded over itself to make the square) so that both sides were exactly the same coloring. Using the video I cut the holes and then (because it's regular fabric, not fleece) sewed buttonholes around them. I threaded the cape with a red feather boa "for funsies" :D

I love these pictures! Fear not, blogger friends, I will get better at
taking pictures, adjusting lighting, etc.
Thank you Krystle!!!!!

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porcelaininnocence said...

Thank you sooo much!! I Love it!!