Thursday, October 20, 2011

Statistics Project

Hello blogger world! I am conducting an investigation in my Statistics course, but need a larger sample size! If you would be so kind, please answer the following quick questions! You can email them, or post them here. Despite the fact that I know your names, this investigation is supposed to be conducted anonymously, so when I input your data, your names will not be associated. Once my project is complete, I'll post the outcomes! Thanks in advance! :)

So...there are only 6 people in my Stats class and I need more people than that to conduct my investigation. Please fill this out. Despite the fact that I can see your name, these forms are meant to be anonymous, so when I use them your names will not be associated. Thanks so much guys!

First two:

1. Gender:

2. State you grew up in:

Please answer the following with Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, or Strongly Disagree:

1. I like rainy days.

2. I enjoy the snow.

3. I feel happiest when the sun is out.

4. I feel depressed when the sky is cloudy.

5. I prefer a dirt lot to plants in my landscaping.

6. I enjoy wet weather.

7. Snow is more work than it's worth.

8. Hot temperatures make me tired.

9. I enjoy having four distinct seasons.

10. I prefer summer over winter.


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