Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Brown Table

I suppose I should have begun this blog with an explanation for its title. :) I just got a new kitchen table. Well...new/used. My friend Becky and I like to switch furniture...often. Haha. Recently we switched kitchen tables. Mine was a light oak colored oval table, and hers a dark brown slightly rectangular table. (I say slightly rectangular because it's only about 3 inches shy of being square) I absolutely LOVE this dark brown table, with it's simple elegance. The legs are four in number, one in each corner, with no special design carved into them. The edges are straight with four actual corners. I wanted this table because it was not only the dark color I was after, but also because it was smaller than the one I had. Ok enough about the table (but seriously...I love this table). A friend of mine pointed out that most kitchen tables are, indeed, some form of brown. D'oh! So the title fits all the better.

Recently my kitchen table has become a catch-all, if you will. We eat dinner there, I do homework, blogging, and scrapbooking there, and Ricky learns his alphabet. (Ok ok so he colors pictures of letters...but hey that's the beginning of learning don'tcha know?) Anyway, because of this catch-all kind of atmosphere, I decided to use it to my advantage. I wanted a blog I could write about anything on. Since just about any topic can come up at my kitchen table, I decided to use it as my title.

So that's my Brown Table. :)
'Till next time,

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