Saturday, January 23, 2010

Singing in the Rain

Well blogger friends,

Not much has been going on of late. EXCEPT THE FABULOUS WEEK OF RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I'm a little excited. I absolutely loved it. Sad that the sun has popped back in to ruin the season. Been learning alot lately about sin and it's captivating existence. Sin, by nature, is a captivator. Also learned that God has come to set the captives free. I guess I never really applied that to myself. I am being held captive by sin! And God will set me free!

The major captivator I've been dealing with (for a long time) is anger. It's gotten worse over the last couple of years and it's to the point that I considered counseling. I hate counseling, because I've studied too many psychology classes. I know what they're going to ask, and why. I know what I can answer depending on what I want them to think or have me do next. It's just an endless cycle that never ends up helping. While on my way home from dropping Ricardo off at work, Charles Stanley was on the radio (as always at 530 am). It was on bondage, and sin as that bondage. My anger can be gotten rid of. I just have to A) realize that it's holding me hostage, B) Ask God to free me from this bondage, and C) Know and understand that He's ACTUALLY GOING TO. C is the one that always bothers me. I am "doubting Thomas" to the max. But this anger is getting out of hand and I need to get a grip on it NOW, not later when Little Man can realize I get angry.

Stress management will help this along...but until I learn that....lotsa prayer and bible readin'!

Been liking that I have Little Ricky's room back. He has many toys that needed a home that WASN'T in my room lol. I've started a class at CBU This month too! It's called "Multi cultural Literature". It's not bad, but the teacher drives me NUTS! So very late with everything and not completely organized. I will get over it. But it's nice to complain. :)

I definitely hope it rains next week too. :)
How's the weather where you are? And do you like it? ;)

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Dionne said...

It's good that you recognize that you have something you need to deal with. I am really emotional, so I often find myself needing to deal with my bitterness. If someone hurts me, I tend to let it fester - it goes from sadness, to frustration, to bitterness. Thankfully, God does save us from all this junk if we just give it over to Him. I totally know what that feels like!

And hooray for Ricky's room back! I am coming to Cali in April - we need to get together!