Saturday, March 28, 2009

The baby keeps moving and moving! It gets annoying, but then I remember that it's just a kid ha. I've been feeling really down lately. I don't work because it was stressing me out way too much. I miss working...not where I was working tho so it's like...a catch-22 ish thing. I haven't finished college, I got married too fast, expecting a kid I can't actually afford, and live in an apartment in the ghetto-est neighborhood in apple valley. I feel like crying every second.

But I have the best husband I could ask for. Certainly he's not perfect. But he's SOOOOO damn close. I love him so much. Even though life is sucky right now I still don't think I'd trade my past choices for the others. I wouldn't have ended up with Ricardo had I made "all the right" decisions. Yes I'd have an amazing job and be independant like I always want....but I'd still feel alone. I wouldn't be married to someone I can be EVERY part of my real self with. I'm worried about the future today.

Back to Willy Wonka and laundry...

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