Saturday, December 13, 2008

Here I Am

I haven't written on here, or anywhere really, in a very long time.

I just wrote an extremely long post and have now deleted it. Who really cares about all the crap I'm thinking? Why do I care about the past that bothers me?

Life changes so quickly. The road you're on can disappear so fast, replaced by one you weren't quite prepared for. Don't have the right shoes, didn't bring enough money, not sure how to cope with the new environment. Not only do you not want to be on that particular road, but you didn't bring anything to physically or mentally cope with the changes either, leaving you completely desperate and unwilling to care about your existance any further.

I need to write a book. That way I can get out all my ridiculousness on paper like I love to do...and make money in the progress! ya! More later...gonna watch a movie.

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