Monday, December 15, 2008


Sabrina came over tonight and we had alot of fun. (Well, at least, I did. lol) It was nice to just sit with a friend who's known you through your ups and downs and still loves you and watch an old movie and laugh about silly things. Thank you my friend Sabrina for being amazing. :D

I got fish today!!!!! I have pet fish!!!! :) :) I have to name them. I really wanted a pet so that when I'm home alone (all the nites Ricardo works) I won't feel so alone. Sad as it is...I get a little scared to be home alone in then neighborhood we live in. I have really good friends for neighbors though so I know they'd help if something happened. I wish Ricardo and I both worked days so we had more time together. And time to spend with other friends. If I could learn to be a stinkin' morning person we would have mornings...but that still sucks for the hanging out with friends part. Hopefully soon we wil have fridays at least because I'm starting a phlebotomy class in January. 300 bucks we don't really have but it's toward a way better paying job that I'll ACTUALLY LIKE. Anyway. I need to stop being all mopey depressed and learn to be happy about everything. Not fake happy but really happy. I think that would help me get up in the morning. That, and buy snacks to keep by my bed so when the freakin' kid inside me is hungry I don't just roll over and hope the pain will go away, but actually eat something.

I'm tired and have to work at the worst store in the universe tomorrow so.... nite nite.

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