Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's Never Too Early For English Class!

Lately I've been feeling a tad neglectful towards my almost-4-year-old (He will be 4 on FRIDAY!!!!! I can hardly believe it)

I work five days a week, and by the time I get home, I've really had about all I can take of people who need me. Right? Wrong! Little Man demands attention! I love this cute little boy, so how can I resist?

Loving the English Language as much as I do, and hoping to pass on this love of words, I want my kid to learn how to read and write early! After a bit of research (my second love), I found a few amazing tools for Preschoolers! I knew there had to be some training tools to get kids started with learning how to write, and I was write! (haha, yes I misspelled that on purpose) Tracing lines, curves, zig-zags, and shapes are all essential to easily learning to write letters in Kindergarten. Worksheets galore! I love school, so worksheets are right in line with that. :)

This one is my favorite: PreWriting Template
The website has even more exciting worksheets and ideas for teaching little ones! Seriously, take a look!

 Also check out this one! It has more colorful and themed worksheets.

I was homeschooled as a kid, so the teaching gene is just in me. Despite Ricky's preschool being completely capable of his educational needs, I still want to participate! I laminated several of the worksheets and purchased different colored dry erase markers. This kid LOVES markers (My walls are living proof) so dry erase was my only option to get him interested.

He loved it! And still does. When I come home from work, he pulls them right out and says "let's draw".

The second and third pictures practice numbers and math. You have to circle the correct number. He mostly just likes to trace the circles, but his number recognition is getting better!

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