Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pampered Chef!

Well friends, I've been gone awhile! In the meantime, I've started up a new business! I'm so excited to be an Independent Consultant for Pampered Chef! (Yes, I have to say it that way or they get mad at me lol) Mostly I'm excited to get all the free and discounted products ha. But I'm hoping this will become a really great source of income for us. Ricardo has been off work because of his knee and I'm going crazy trying to find a job. It's not working, soooooo home business it is! Oh darn, I get to spend more time with my kid ;) I'm finally getting towards the end of my schooling -- hallelujah, it's about time! Ok back to planning my cooking shows...oh how I love to cook!

If ya'll want to buy/sell, or know anybody who wants to buy/sell Pampered Chef, let me know!
Here in the comments or you can email me: (Those of you who've seen me in person will totally get the reason I picked that email ;) )

(I real update to is so hectic right now...suggestions for time management anyone?)

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