Friday, June 19, 2009


Yes yes....back to school. I just finished a class, but because my little man came early I completely missed my last exam and the quiz. I took them late and emailed the Prof. to say why. I'm hoping he lets me slide, because I NEED to pass this class. On the other hand, only a C isn't going to raise my gpa it might be better to re-take the course. It was an easy class, I'm just lazy. BLA! I am enrolled in Abnormal Psych and Economics 101. Both retakes. Why? Because I'm an idiot. I have the TOTAL capability of getting A's in the courses, but I get lazy and don't do the work until the last minute, usually without studying. Sadly, because I can pass classes without studying, I keep procrastinating. I want to be smart! I AM smart. I wish I would act like it. My mom and husband struggle with passing courses; while studying hard! I have taken advantage of my success with procrastination and am ashamed. I really hope to do better this summer. I'm thinking I should only stay in one class though, because they are only 6 weeks long. However, I have done these classes before so the work should be familiar. Also, I am at home all the time. This time, however, is usually spent trying to figure out what a little man wants lol. Decisions, decisions....


Sabrina said...
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Sabrina said...

I know how you feel.

I don't really have to study to get As and Bs, and procrastination is another one of my middle names.

I've been pretty lucky, but there have been a couple times when my procrastination has kicked me in the butt.