Saturday, May 30, 2009


I miss playing scrabble! Nobody plays board games anymore lol. Card games occasionally, but never board games. I found my handheld "Scrabble Express" and bought batteries so that I can have something to concentrate on while I'm bored and in labor at the hospital ha! I started playing it yesterday tho and like it better than my book!

Although, my book isn't very interesting. I needed a new "chic flick" type author since I've read all of Cecelia Ahern's books. The bookstore clerk suggested Maeve Binchy. It's not bad...but I'm not real impressed. She introduces characters before's she actually introduced for about 5 pages you're wondering who such-and-such is. In addition, it's very slow. Like movies that you think are action packed but the storyline takes FOREVER to get anywhere. I am, however, determined to finish this book! I do want to know how it ends, it's just weird for it to take me so long to read a book. 648 pages and it's been over a week already. Oh. The book is called "Tara Road". I shall stick to murder mysteries I guess ha! Anyone have any suggestions for "chic flick" type books? NOT ROMANCE. Bleck. Gag me with a spoon and make me throw up. Just lighthearted girlyness.

Back to Scrabble Express.... :D


Dionne said...

Brian and I play boardgames all the time. It's one of our staples when we have guests over - challenging them in a boardgame. We're such nerds.

Some great chick lit authors are Sophia Kinsella & Madeleine Wickham (who are actually the same person - i don't know why she writes under two names), and Emily Giffin.

Heather said...

I've heard of sophia and emily but not Madeleine...i'll check it out. I like when authors use two names b/c generally their books are different styles but still really good. Thanks!!!! And nerds are fabulous so I'm glad you guys are. :)

Sabrina said...

We can play Scrabble on Facebook :P. And I don't mean Lexulous. I don't like Lexulous.

Heather said...

Play play!!!!!!